Msx игры zanac - noize mc это был дождь

Zanac (1986) (Pony Cannon) (J).zip Game Zanac A.I. MSX Download Play online Released the same year as the original Zanac for MSX, this "EX" version runs on MSX2 hardware and contains improved graphics and sound that more closely. Game Zanac EX MSX Download Play online

Aug 12, 2014 A Retro Game that once attracted many people in 80s has been revived. The shoot'em up game, “ZANAC MSX” was released for the MSX. Zanac-EX (1986) (Pony Cannon) (J).zip Zanac, play Zanac, Zanac for NES, play Zanac ROM for NES, play Zanac online, Zanac game rom for famicom.

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