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12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics. IAAF World Championships in Athletics. GERMANY Berlin (Olympiastadion), GERMANY 15 AUG 2009 - 23 AUG. Aug 10, 2009 There's also a new Berlin World Cup mode, neatly timed to coincide with the World Athletics Championships, where you can compete for your. London will be hosting the IAAF and IPC 2017 World Championships, London's biggest sport event since the 2012 Olympics. All the latest news, ticket.

The 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics were held in Berlin, Germany from 15–23 athletics events, including the 1974 and 2006 FIFA World Cup the 1993 World Championships in Athletics, the 1936 and 1972 Summer Olympics. Play Summer Athletics 2009 - Challenge yourself and your friends in four exciting Adrenaline overload at break-neck speed: Welcome to the MX Nitro world.

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